Breakdown cover - What is it?

Most people will have either heard of breakdown cover, or possibly purchase it in the past, but what is it?

In its simplest form, breakdown cover is designed to assist you at the roadside, or home address, in the event your vehicle has broken down. Naturally, as always, there is more to it than this in reality...

Breakdown memberships by nature are designed to be purchased annually, year in year out, as cover in the event of your vehicle breaking down as an assurance that someone is there to provide assistance. Similar to any insurance you may hold, you do not see the benefit of having breakdown membership, until the time comes you may need to call upon it. Given this, what breakdown memberships are not intended to be are 'pay as you claim' or bought on a 'as and when I need it' basis. The breakdown market has changed in recent years, and whilst these types of memberships are on offer, they typically do not provide value for money in the long term.

Who is breakdown cover suitable for?

In short anyone that drives a vehicle has a need for breakdown cover. As with most things in life, you do not realise you need something, until the time comes you need it most. Breakdown is a prime example. Being prepared and having a membership in force will not only save you money when compared to one off call out charges and instantaneous memberships, but in the event of suffering a breakdown, can alleviate the associated stress and worry that comes with being stuck at the roadside or home.

How does breakdown cover work?

As mentioned above, memberships are to be bought in advance, and renewed annually to ensure continual coverage. If you are unlucky enough to suffer a breakdown, and have a valid membership in place, making a claim is easy and straightforward. With Emergency Assist, simply call our team on 01945 586228 who will take your membership details, and proceed to provide assistance and reassurance.

What cover do I need?

Breakdown memberships can be confusing and offer a perplexing myriad of options and benefits. Here at Emergency Assist we like to keep it simple. We offer 3 different levels of cover, each distinct from the other, making it easy to identify which is right for you. This ensures clarity, knowing what you are covered for, but also saves you money, ensuring that you are not paying for benefits or options that you do not require.

You can compare the different cover levels we offer here.

What breakdown cover is not

Breakdown memberships are not warranty products or typically to cover faults or breakdowns as a result of human error such as running out of fuel, leaving lights on or lost keys. It is important that the details of memberships are read and understood prior to purchase to ensure you are covered for your specific needs. You can find our membership wordings here.