Motor Breakdown Comparison

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The truth about motor breakdown companies are that most operate exactly the same model and products.  There are the two prestige clubs that have a stock of their own recovery vans in the AA and RAC however they still do not have enough coverage to attend to all of their members needs using their own vehicles alone.  So when you compare breakdown cover  try to look at all factors; some of which are mentioned within this article.

Third party recovery agents are used by most recovery clubs and in turn you will find typically the same attendance times.   Often peak breakdown times are between 7:30 AM – 11:00 AM and 5PM – 8 PM.  All clubs see longer attendance times at these times due to more call outs and of course rush hour traffic, it is therefore key when comparing providers to look at what you are entitled too and of course weigh this up against price.  When a customer does compare breakdown cover you shall almost always receive the same attendance times from the providers, try not to read too much in to companies marketing as they tend to massage or focus on types of breakdowns buy grading priority and only publish these results.

Emergency Assist motor breakdown on average sees an attendance time of 53 minutes from booking.  Emergency Assist typically offer the cheapest breakdown price within the UK market place accompanied with very good benefits.  To look at Emergency Assist Breakdown prices you can visit

Outside the biggest three providers being The AA, RAC and Greenflag you then see other established and reputable breakdown clubs such as Start Rescue, GEM and of course Emergency Assist Breakdown.   Often you will find best value with the clubs outside the big three due to lower overheads and not being able to price based on brand.

It is good to look at online reviews however also consider most people only review when they feel they have been let down, this said Emergency Assist Breakdown boasts high ratings on many review platforms.

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