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Emergency Assist Breakdown have a number of Breakdown Deals and Special Offers, we have a number of direct Breakdown Deals within our website but also many deals on various discount sites.

We currently have two very good deals with Groupon and Wowcher, Groupons deal can be found here: and our Wowcher Deal can be found here:

Special Offers from Emergency assist can also be found via various discount codes and redeemed directly on site here:

We are not all about a one year offer you will find superb renewal terms offered when you come to the anniversary of your membership.  We all know that price is important and therefore we ensure that we have great Breakdown Deals and Special offers but are always conscious of the products quality.

It is always good to look at reviews of companies when purchasing a cover with a Special Offer or in fact any Breakdown Deals to see if the companies policy to to rate hike at the renewal date.   We at Emergency Assist have a fair pricing policy so you typically find a reduction or at worst small increases depending on the market fluctuations.

Emergency Assist breakdown offer some of the Cheapest Breakdown Prices in the UK , our Breakdown Deals and our Special Offers come regularly so do keep an eye out for them.   We appear on a number of comparison tables such as:


Know your Money – Who can be found here -

Breakdown Cover Comparison – Who can be found here -|v:2|t:w|s:G|a:0|c:84494890|g:4428266770|k:breakdown%20cover%20comparison|kt:e|d:c|dm:|ad:277537643254|ap:1t3|st:S|n:g|t:|ce:|p1:|p2:|p:|loc_p:1006842|loc_i:|end:1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIz8Os5ubQ3AIVy7bACh2Q0gatEAAYAyAAEgL-vvD_BwE

Both tables provide some of our Special offers but also enable you to compare opur product and price to others within the market in one place.

Breakdown Deals are all over the internet, take your time to find the right breakdown deals for you, look at review websites and if still unsure give the company a call.